Imalogix™ gives you the ability to assess and evaluate productivity and efficiency in ways that no other product can. Imalogix™ provides the answers that Radiology professionals need to be successful. Continuous evaluation means the difference between maintaining profitability and losing it to a competitor down the street.

Radiology professionals are faced with the daunting challenge of improving performance while maintaining patient safety. With Imalogix™, Radiology professionals can readily overcome these challenges.


Imalogix™ delivers meaningful information for better business decisions, increased profitability and improved patient care.

With no disruption to workflow, Imalogix™ normalizes your data across the enterprise, creating the ability to establish thresholds for performance metrics and dose reference levels. Compare these values internally or against national averages and trends.

Imalogix™ provides a level of insight that brings the quality and efficiency of a world-class radiology department to the smallest of organizations.


As you prepare for the 2015 Joint Commission changes related to diagnostic imaging, you need to get more out of a vendor than just dose reporting. With Imalogix™ you can turn enterprise-wide imaging data into actionable information in order to reduce dose exposure to patients, improve overall operations, while maintaining your margins.

Imalogix™ enables you to identify root-causes for frequent alerts, subsequently reducing dose exposures. Imalogix™ points you to those protocols and scanners which may require adjustments so that more predictable radiation dose is delivered to your patients.


With a typical installation time of under an hour, Imalogix™ is a game changer.

Imalogix™ integrates seamlessly with your scanners with no need for an implementation team or third-party coordination.

Imalogix™ supplies your EMR with patient-level dose and enterprise performance information necessary to enhance the ordering workflow and protect patient safety. Imalogix™ integrates with your Reporting System to put radiation dose information into your reports automatically, simplifying your workflow and eliminating errors caused by manual entry.

“We were able to make adjustments to the protocol to reduce the dose, and in turn increase patient safety. We would have never known there was a problem before Imalogix™.“

- Christopher Lamalfa, former Director of Radiology at Hahnemann University Hospital